Which warehouse shelf should you choose for your business?

Which storage shelf should you choose for your business? We are a bit of storage specialists and have a wide range of shelves for many different purposes in our assortment. To make it a little easier for you to choose the right shelf, we have created a small guide based on the weight that each shelf can carry. Your warehouse shelving should always be able to carry the stored goods without collapsing.

For lightweight storage
and Total are flexible and durable shelves from our assortment that are ideally suited for storing slightly lighter goods such as books, binders and archive boxes. The shelves are easy to assemble, and the stylish design makes it possible to use them in the office together with nice interior details, storage boxes and some green plants to give a modern and industrial feeling.
The weight that each shelf can carry is 150 kg.

Mix your storage
In the same category you will also find the shelf Mix. What sets the Mix range apart from the other two shelves ? Is it the option of open or hidden storage. Or maybe even a mix of both. You can combine the shelves with doors, drawers and other smart accessories. The shelves can be easily hooked to any height without tools. Mix is available in four heights and four widths, which provides a flexible solution to your storage needs and you can use an entire wall thanks to the different widths.

For both office and warehouse
If you are looking for an extra stable shelf, we recommend Power. The name says pretty much, we think. This shelf is well suited for storage environments, but also in the office where there is a need for storing a little heavier stuff. This shelf requires mounting with screws and bolts, then you have an office and storage shelf that can handle a lot. We have increased the weight that each shelf can handle up to 170 kg on this variant.

For workshop environments
The next shelf in our "weight ladder" is Transform. This shelf is really a "transformer" that can be varied and adapted to the needs of your business and can handle weights up to 190 kg per shelf. With its galvanized design, the shelf fits just as well in harsh workshop environments as in shops and offices. The end panels will be pre-assembled and the only thing you need to do is to hook the shelves you choose at any height.

Combine with a work desk
Combo is exactly what it's called. A flexible shelf system that allows you to build your own combination of shelves and you can supplement with a workbench to get a smart workstation. Combo is suitable as a storage shelf in slightly harsher environments such as workshops and industries. You can easily mount your combination of shelf with a rubber mallet, without bolts and screws. There are a lot of smart accessories for the Combo and you can load heavy stuff, many of the shelves can handle up to 700 kg.

The toughest of them all
This is a stable and wide shelf system. Here you can load heavier and bulky goods. The construction in powder-coated sheet metal with extra hard and durable finish stands pallet in demanding environments. This model of shelf has an accompanying foot for bolting to the floor, which may be suitable for occupational safety. Depending on which sections you choose, it is possible to load 1,000 kg per shelf, it is no wonder that we have chosen to call it Tough.


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