Market Association - The flexible office

When a company called Market Association approached us to refurbish their office they said they needed it to be carefully planned, it should accommodate a desk with storage and serve as a meeting area with chairs and of course it should all be wheelchair friendly. We were delighted to help, but we then discovered that all the requirements had to be designed to work within a 13 square meter space – challenge accepted!

The whole operation of running the company was handled in this small space, from the website and newsletter to planning and meeting with clients. The varying types of work demanded a flexible, space saving interior. The AJ Products team handled everything from room sketching and concept to delivery and installation.
- I hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted it to look. But I knew that I wanted it to be of good quality, stylish and fresh. AJ's project team was very good at producing solutions that suited me and they guided me through various options, explains Canita Dagård, Operations Manager at Market Association.

Flexible and fresh
Although the room was small it was agreed that a generous sized desk would actually work best! A curved table top ensured that ample work space was available whilst allowing room for visitors. The issue of storage was solved using cabinets with sliding doors and a drawer unit that slips underneath the desk.
- At first I thought about having two small desks because I often have visits from colleagues and clients. But AJ suggested one large desk instead and they managed to persuade me using proposal sketches of both options. It turns out that one large desk was like two or even three says Canita.

Room for meetings
The desk is height-adjustable which means it’s perfect for use as a conference table at smaller gatherings.
- We had an open house with a little mingling a while ago. We raised up the desk so everyone could stand at it, it was perfect! Says Canita. It wouldn’t have been possible to have nearly as many people around the table if they were sitting.

A casual meeting place was also required in the brief. This was met by using two comfortable chairs and a low table in one corner of the room. The lime green chairs were useful in injecting some vibrant colour into the room!
- Now that we have a practical office space I can finally invite clients and other visitors to come to the premises. Everyone that does come by says that this is really neat! We've really got it all!