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Active chairs for variety and energy

Article Natural variation during the working day is not only gentle on the body, it also provides extra energy. Learn how active chairs are the perfect solution for those who sit down a lot at work.  

How to use screens to keep your distance

Article Here are some tips on how to support social distancing and improve safety for yourself and others with the help of standard floor and desk screens.

Optimise your work with substainable lifting

Article Simple changes in the way of you lift at work,can help you avoid any strains or injuries.Learn more about the best ways to lift by ergonomist,Anna Johansson.

Take a break and do some stretching together!

Article It is important regardless if you have a physical job or work in an office. Completing a few exercises during the day wouldn’t hurt. So grab your co-workers and try these exercises!

Take the opportunity of getting everyday exercise at work

Article With all the good intentions that you may have for the New Year, sometimes reality has a habit of getting in the way. Fortunately you can easily get some everyday exercise while working. All it...

How to optimize the work environment in the warehouse

Article Furnishing a warehouse can be a big task. First you choose shelf systems and pallet racking where you can store your goods. The next step, you add lifting and transporting aids to facilitate da...

Building a more efficient warehouse for your business

Article Whether you work at a company with a small warehouse area or a larger business with automated order processes, the flow is important. But the most important thing is safety and ergonomics. With...

How to stay active in the office

Article Many of us have high hopes about getting in shape, especially after the New Year and ahead of the summer. It can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to self-improvement in our hectic live...
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