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Helping you to have quality time at work

Helping you to have quality time at work

There are several good reasons for choosing products from our range if you are planning to make improvements to your workplace. Affordable prices, a wide variety of offerings and fast deliveries are just some of them, but another is our focus on quality. This ensures that our products fulfil their function and have a long useful life. We achieve this by combining careful purchasing and quality assurance processes with in-house design and manufacturing, which gives us control over the entire process, from identifying the initial requirement to supplying the finished product. You can read more here about our approach to quality and how it can help to give you quality time at work.

Design​ that solves everyday problems

Our goal is to supply furniture, fittings and equipment that help to make work environments more effective and efficient. One way that we achieve this is by using our own design department. This enables us to create quality products with an individual style and, at the same time, to design products that meet current market requirements.

It is important that our products are correctly designed right from the start so that they function in a circular economy. This is why our design process focuses on quality, function and the options for creating a product with a long useful life. Read more


Production in our own two factories

We have two factories of our own, one in Poland and one in Slovakia. This approach to production brings benefits for us in the development of new products and in our flow of goods, because it ensures that around a third of our range can always be delivered on schedule. The factories also make us better at buying products because we understand the manufacturing process and know what requirements our suppliers need to meet.

In addition, having our own factories contributes to the quality of our products because we can be certain that the production process is designed to give the best possible results. Time after time. Read more

Constant quality assurance

Before we add a new product to our range, it first has to be approved by our quality department. We take ongoing quality assurance measures and follow up on any complaints to make sure that our products continue to meet our high standards in the long term. Many of our products are evaluated by independent testing institutes to ensure that they are of high quality. Read more


Products of lasting value

To make sure that our products are relevant now and in the future, we monitor the latest trends and developments in all the areas where we do business. Our research focuses mainly on the long-term trends so that we can offer products with a lasting value. Because fashions change, but function lasts a lifetime.