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Soundproof your Workstation - Avoid Unwanted Noise

Soundproof your Workstation - Avoid Unwanted Noise

Are you tired of office noise disturbing your work? Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to help solve the problem - from utilising sound absorbing surfaces to playing natural background sounds.

Poor sound environments are one of our most common workplace problems. It can lead to a loss in concentration and increased stress. Did you know, for example, that it can take 25 minutes to regain full focus after we have been disrupted by a text message? Below we have listed ten things that can reduce the unwanted noise around your desk so that you stay concentrate on the task at hand.

1.Textiles of all kinds can dampen the noise level - For example, curtains, drapes or carpets - the more fabric the better.

2. Upholstered furniture - Padded office chairs and conference chairs are a great option, especially if there is a shortage of textiles in the room.

3. Open bookshelves filled with books - These will help to reduce the sound, unlike closed storage with hard doors that reflect sound and can create annoying reverberation.

4. Plants are natural silencers - They can not only reduce the unwanted noise in the workplace but they help to cleanse the air and make the workplace more comfortable.

5. Noise-free phones and computers - Avoid that horrible noise you sometimes get when there is an incoming text message.

6. Chair socks - Or so-called Silent Socks reduce the scratching noises made when a chair scrapes along the floor.

7. Desktop Wallpaper - Reduces the sound reflections from the desktop surface and gives a softer feel.

8. Desk screens with sound absorbing fillings - These make a big difference in the audio environment. In addition, they provide privacy when needed.

9. Notice boards with sound absorbing qualities - For example, textile or cork, fulfil two functions. They partly stop noise from bouncing around the room and they are perfect for displaying information.

10. Play soothing music/sounds - Playing birdsong and other natural sounds such as rain can have a positive soothing effect on workers, and can help to block out the offensive noises that we have to cope with in the office. Just be careful you don’t fall asleep!

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