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Why children need to be more active in the classroom

Why children need to be more active in the classroom

Many hours of sitting still have a negative impact on health and work results. This is a well-known fact that is taken into account when decorating most workplaces - for adults. But we at AJ Products think that the same care should be shown to our school children. That is why we offer school furniture that both makes it easy to change working position and also has a positive impact on learning ability.


The work environment in the school should of course be as good as in a modern office. The school is the children's workplace and they have as much right as adults to work in an ergonomically correct environment. This means first and foremost that children and young people must be able to vary their working position - which presupposes furniture and furnishings that allow this. More on that later, first we'll talk about why variety is good.


Everyone wins on more active school days
We humans are made for movement and many positive things happen within us when we are active. Both in the bud and the body. With regard to the former, increased blood circulation contributes to us getting more energy, becoming more attentive and being able to concentrate better, in addition we become creative and find it easier to collaborate. In addition, it is a well-known fact that physical activity improves our learning ability, to the delight of the teaching staff as well. So everyone wins on a more active school day!

Health and well-being are positively affected
When we move, our skeleton and our muscles are strengthened. This is especially important for children as they need to build strength as their bodies grow. But our well-being is also affected, both in the moment and later in life. In addition to promoting cardiovascular capacity, agility and coordination, an active daily life helps reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and obesity. A natural movement pattern also affects our mental health and is a protective factor against both stress and depression.


A new student table with many benefits
Children and young people need more movement in everyday life - that is why we are constantly developing our range of active school furniture. The latest addition is called Adjust , a height-adjustable student table that both provides welcome variety and helps students stay focused during long school days. The table is also easy to move and since the height is adjusted with a gas spring, not even any cables are needed. But your options for choosing height-adjustable student tables do not end there: Arise and Ascend are two alternatives that both have the same good effects on student well-being.

More school furniture that activates the children

Varying the working position is not only gentle on the body, it also provides extra energy. Therefore, active seats that balance pallets, pilates balls and saddle chairs perfect for long sessions. With their built-in instability, they force the body to work extra - without the students even noticing the effort itself. Many student chairs also have a seat that allows students to sit both forward and backward on them, which also makes it easy to change position. Balance boards and pedal trainers are other smart solutions that, like the active seating furniture, can be easily moved from student to student.

How do you take the first step towards the goal
What conditions do the children at your school have to vary their working position and keep their concentration up? If you want to achieve a quick change, a tip can be to decorate with 2-3 pcs. height-adjustable student tables and active chairs, and then let students take turns working at them. It is a good start on the way to the goal: to make an active day a matter of course for all school children.