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Products that helps to vary your posture

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Your body is made for movement and the very best posture is your next. Therefore, it is important that you vary your position at regular intervals – no matter what you work with. The best way to variation goes through flexible interior solutions that is gentle on your body and makes it easy to change position. Luckily our office range has a lot to offer in that area! 


Alternate between sitting and standing 

When you stand up and work, you activate the muscles, improve posture and increase blood circulation, which is good for both the brain and the body. Consequently, a sit-stand desk is a wise investment that provides returns from day one in the form of increased well-being. The table makes it easy to get variety into the working day and you can alternate between sitting and standing as often as you like. We have height-adjustable desks in several different designs that fit perfectly in all kinds of office environment. 


Challenge yourself on the board  

Standing up strengthens your muscles and burns more calories. Best of all is to stand on an anti-fatigue mat that is designed to increase comfort and relieve legs, knees and back. If you want to challenge yourself in an upright position, you can stand on a balance board. The board let you balance in all directions and keeps you moving which increases your blood circulation. In addition, the balancing exercises will strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, ankles, abdomen and back which gives a better posture. 


A good office chair is valuable 

Trying to avoid a does not mean that you are not allowed to sit down. On the contrary, sitting down now and then relieves your knees and feet. However, keep in mind that the chair should be designed for the number of hours you spend at the desk each day. A good office chair can be adjusted to your height and weight, and provides good support for arms, lower back and legs. A good office chair follows your body's movements and helps you to sit properly. In other words, a good office chair is a real asset, both for your well-being and your performance. 


Active chairs have many advantages 

If you want it to be easy to vary your posture, an active chair is a good choice. Then we are talking about an ergonomic sitting furniture that automatically sets the body in motion in order for you to keep the balance. Examples of active chairs are motion stools, balance stools, balance balls and saddle chairs, all of which activate the back and torso muscles, improve posture and increase blood circulation. And that without you even noticing the effort itself. Perfect. 


A slow pace will take you far 

A desk bike is good news for anyone who has a sit-stand desk and wants to take care of their health. And you don't need to do a workout to get the benefits of cycling, a slow and low-intensity pace is all it takes to get your body started. The pedal resistance is adjustable to your own taste. A display will show time, speed, distance and the number of calories burned – making it easy to measure your progress. 


Get the positive effects going 

Standing up and working is good for your health. Being in motion while working is even better. So, how do you do if you want to move while working? The answer is: get a desk treadmill. The motion will burn more calories and increase blood circulation, which boosts oxygen and energy to both the body and the brain. And a quiet and comfortable pace is all it takes – so you do not have to go fast or get sweaty to have a positive effect. 


Full activity even at meetings 

A standing conference table is also a good investment since you need to vary your posture at meetings as well. Research shows that we are more creative and better at collaborating when we stand up than when we sit. In addition, the degree of concentration increases, which is why standing meetings tend to be shorter and more efficient. Should the meeting still extend over time, it is easy to lower the table top and sit down for a while. And even then you can alternate, between a classic conference chair and an active chair. Variation should be easy!