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Building a more efficient warehouse for your business

WK30-33 A more efficient warehouse

Do you have a productive warehouse staff? Good, then we have the most efficient storage solutions for you! Even if you do your utmost to do a good job as possible, the storage system may not be the most optimal in terms of ergonomics, logistics and energy saving. What is lacking in aids, shelving and pallet systems may be compensated by manpower.


Mattias Von der Luft is Business Area Manager Warehouse & Industry at AJ Products, and he emphasizes the importance of adapting the warehouse to the business you conduct.

" Whether you work at a company with a small warehouse area or a larger business with automated order processes, the flow is important. But the most important thing is safety and ergonomics. With the right shelving system and lifting aids, you can create an efficient warehouse and a safe workplace" Mattias says.


Ergonomic lifting aids
It may happen that you are carrying something heavy without aids, a lift trolley is a better alternative. They facilitate both lifting and transporting goods, you pick or pack, quicker hoisting and reducing the risk of injury for both yourself and the goods.

"The Working Environment Authority has regulations about ergonomics and our technical salespeople have full focus on efficiency and ergonomics. We are industry leaders and specialists in adapting workplaces to the work environment standards and creating efficiency" Mattias continues.

The lift trolley can also work as a mobile workstation and become an effective aid where you can avoid several work steps. We have many different models of lift trolleys and lifting tables in our assortment that makes the work easier for you.


Smart shelving systems
One of the preconditions for an efficient warehouse is good shelving systems adapted to the business. For example, having  storage shelves that are too deep in relation to the size of the stored goods can mean unused shelf space and perhaps forcing you to build at the height to access more storage space. The more lifts you need to raise, the more energy it takes, both for you and for the lifting aids you use. And saving energy is something we must care about.

With our Combo, Mix and Tough shelving systems, you can customize your warehouse with opportunities that give you great flexibility and efficient warehouse management. Our shelving systems are available in several variants with solutions that give more space without building unnecessary length or height and thus becoming more efficient and energy saving.


Space saving pallet rack
Our pallet rack Ultimate is a result of AJ Producer's own design and production with a unique and space-saving design that fits both the small and large warehouse that may need many pallets. The truck does not have to lift unnecessary heights; you can easily reach the things to pick and the premises do not need to be heated or cooled down to the same extent as it don´t require so much space. Mattias continues:

Robert Morell, Project Sales – " we previously carried out a project with a customer were we presented a project proposal to solve everything from delivery, dismantling of existing warehouse furnishings and mounting of Ultimate pallet racking with our own manufactured mix shelves. This includes an opportunity for the customer to optimize storage space and get more picking locations when they start to be crowded"


Effective order management with cage trolleys
If you have a warehouse connected to e-commerce, our cage trolleys are a practical solution, designed to make it easier for you to pick orders for customers. The carriage makes it easy for you, among other things, to access freight at height, organize the order and handle the transport of goods.


Our packing tables Cargo and Motion quickly become well-liked favourites when packing orders for distribution as you have all the packaging materials gathered within comfortable and ergonomic reach. And the workbench Combo adapts your workspace for packaging and pack efficiently.


In the AJ Products range you will find everything you need to create an efficient warehouse and our project sellers will help you plan the best solution for your particular business, free of charge.