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Reduce the risk of wear and tear

WK34-36 Workbench Ergonomics

In the engineering and industrial sectors, pain from strain problems is a common cause of long-term sick leave, due to repetitive work steps and uncomfortable postures. Reduce the risk of wear and tear and achieve more productive working days with furniture adapted to work.

Workbenches: Choosing a height-adjustable workbench makes it easier to adjust the work height according to your conditions and tasks. There are also work desks and packing tables with integrated storage for, for example, packaging and tools, so utensils used can often be stored close at hand.


Monitor Arm & Document Holder: Do you have a monitor on the workbench or some frequently used documents? Equip the workplace with a swivel and swivel arm or with scrollable document panels at eye level.


Workplace rugs: For long-standing work, an ergonomic workplace rug is preferred. A good work mat is a relief for the body as it prevents wear and is gentle on the back.


Work chairs: Many of today's work chairs have ergonomically designed backs and seats that offer good support and relief for both the flanks and thighs. A good work chair has an adjustable seat angle, so you can adjust your sitting posture to your work while keeping the hip joint open which facilitates blood circulation. If you often switch between sitting and standing work, there are special work chairs that facilitate the movement from sitting to standing position.


Wheelchairs: A wheelchair or industrial stool is a good alternative to a traditional work chair and is suitable for work tasks where you have to squat or bend down. The riding chair spares back, knees and ankles during work tasks that involve sitting on your knees or lying on your knees. The chairs are often equipped with tool shelves for tools, screws and nuts so that you always have what you need close at hand.


Work Lighting: Poor lighting is a common cause of headaches and strained eyes. Invest in good working lighting with flexible arms that provide good spot lighting for, for example, assembly and machines. Some work lights have a custom colour temperature to reproduce colours and details in an optimal way.


Tool panels: With tool boards, wall rails and suspension fittings you get a good overview of your tools. You don't have to root in boxes or bend down and look in a corner. By hanging the tools instead, the work becomes more efficient and you quickly and easily find what you are looking for.