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Choosing the right workbench is as important as choosing the right shoes. It must fit.


Choosing the right workbench is as important as choosing the right shoes. It must fit. In many cases, you will be staying throughout your working day and may perform various tasks such as packing, packaging, assembling or similar. It is important to have the right working height on the bench, that the work surface is large enough and that all work tools and accessories are within reach so that it becomes an ergonomic working position.

We have made a small guide to help you find the workbench that suits you and your business best.


Cargo is our own versatile workbench with powder-coated stand, which is durable and with a durable laminate top, which is easy to clean. The stand is manually adjustable to fit each employee's length. Depending on the model you choose, Cargo can carry up to 400 kg. There are a variety of accessories to complement your workstation to get it optimal for your needs. Cargo is perfect as a workstation for those who pack and packaging as the bench is provided with ball rollers that allow you to easily spin your goods.



When you want to customize your workplace, Combo is a great choice. It is also easy to install - completely without bolts and screws. Combo is our own product made by our talented designers and can be combined in a variety of designs. You can build a workstation with both shelves and tool panels from the same series, for easy access to tools and other things you need within easy reach. The workbench is available with a max. load up to 700 kg.



If you need a flexible workbench with a stable base for your workshop or garage and storage room, you can choose Robust. It has an all-round disc that fits in lighter workshop environments. It withstands light impact and has some resistance to fluids. The legs are manually height adjustable so you can adjust it to your own height. You can supplement with tool panels, shelves and storage cabinets, so that your tools are within easy reach. Robust withstand up to 300 kg depending which bench you choose.



For those who need an extra stable workbench, we recommend Solid, which in certain versions can withstand weights up to 750 kg. It has a powerful frame and a work surface in laminate. This bench is especially suitable for demanding environments such as workshops or factories and has a work surface that is both durable and easy to keep clean. The legs are manually adjustable working height can be set according to users. If you want to make the workstation extra smooth and flexible, you supplement Solid with bench drawers, tool panels, cabinets and other smart storage accessories.


Motion is an extra stable workbench with sturdy fasteners that can withstand tough grip. The work surface is made of highly durable laminate and is easy to clean. By supplementing with an extension frames and uprights, you can optimize your workstation with shelves, tool panels, multi-way sockets, monitor holders and document holders. Motion is available with both a manually adjustable stand and an electrically adjustable stand. Depending on which model you choose, Motion can handle up to 400 kg.



For your workbench it is smart to have workplace mat on the floor. It provides nice relief for the legs and back while preventing wear and strain injuries.

The workbenches are also available as package solutions where our sellers and purchasers have assembled workstations based on their knowledge and customers' wishes. Everything to make it as easy as possible for you as a customer. We are happy to help you find the right workbench and accessories for your business.