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The furniture that makes outdoors more inviting

WK_17  Outdoor Seating

It's time to dust off your outdoor furniture from the storage and get ready for the summer!

So you and your colleagues can get some sun and fresh air during coffee breaks and lunch breaks.
Imagine sitting in the sunshine, maybe in the company of something exciting to read or by some happy colleagues eating lunch. only thing that’s required is a place in the sun and an inviting furniture. Do you have the furniture you need? If not, take a look at our range – we give you many different types of outdoor furniture to choose from.


Picnic sets is right for the lunch break

The classic picnic table is an all-in-one solution where table and benches are held together by a durable frame, either made of wood or metal. Perfect for having lunch or just taking a well-earned rest. The seats are wide, comfortable and usually made of wood .A picnic set fits in most outdoor environments and quickly becomes a natural gathering place.


Park benches invite you to relax

Cramped for space? A park bench can do the trick. With or without backrest? Benches without backrest offer rest for tired legs, but also provide a forward-leaning and more active sitting position In terms of design, we offer everything from classic park benches with decorative gables to modern benches with a Scandinavian design. All models can withstand harsh weather conditions.


More outdoor furniture for a spot in the sun

When the sun is out during your work week, the visits to your outdoor seating become a natural part of your working day. If the classic picnic set or bench is not your choice then try browse through our extensive range we have on offer.