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Furniture that boosts your Creativity

WK_22 Furniture that boosts your Creativity

It is a well-known fact that the working environment has an effect on how we feel at work. But can the right office furnishing also make us more creative, efficient and better at collaboration? To answer that question, we created a state-of-the-art office in our studio. We invited communications agency Treativ to evaluate our "try-out active office " for one day.


An office for variety and freedom

"You work with your mind and not where is your desk stands" Based on this idea, we built. So, we began with open space and created several rooms within one large space.
This idea allowed for the Treativ staff to move around between different workstations, with good sound, light conditions and carefully selected colours. It created a more playful and creative environment. Allowing everyone to work efficiently at a place that felt right throughout the day. Either individually or in groups, sometimes standing at a table, sometimes sitting in an armchair or half-lying in a bean bag.

The first impression: WOW!

Six agency employees arrived at the AJ Products' head office in the morning. They were led into our photo studio, where we had built an updated trial version of a typical activity-based or active office. The question was: Is it possible to create an office environment that is so innovative that even advertising people are surprised by it? Yes, apparently, from the first glance made a strong impression on the whole group.
"My first thought was WOW," says Louise Lejestrand, founder, co-owner and brand strategist at Treativ. "I was also impressed by the number of functions you can get into a relatively small area."


Many possible workplaces

Everyone soon found their own place, some stood at the height-adjustable desks in the large open area, right next to the cabinets and some sought out the more separate writing places that were built into the Combo shelf system.
Art Director Calle Lindell with a smile. the carpet contributed to a good sound atmosphere right there."
More opportunities were offered in the form of a long conference table. Partly intended for sitting more of a traditional meeting and partly for benching – when the employees sit side by side but work individually with their laptops.
Want to increase creativity in your office? See the furniture that does the job!


The best environment for brainstorming

After exploring the various possibilities, the whole group gathered around the standing table in one of the meeting rooms, the walls painted in yellow-green wall color, this colour was chosen to stimulate creativity and reflection. Soon, the creative process was underway. The agency's employees worked on a real account and the ideas began to flow!
"The furniture, and whole energy in the room, with the nice color it felt free and was definitely the best place for brainstorming, says Maria Sanchez, Digital Strategist. "Standing up boosts creativity and we will introduce this in our own office in the future, even in client meetings."


Spontaneous meetings


"It has been fantastic, one of the most enjoyable days in a long time, Louise Lejestrand. Partly because we have had some fun together, partly because we have got many new ideas. It's time for a makeover when we get back home!"
We would like to thank Treativ, for the great company and the good rating. Now, in turn, we will dedicate ourselves to creating better working environments in the future.
Do you want to work more efficiently in an office that boosts creativity and collaboration? Get in touch with the AJ Solutions sales team – they will help you all the way, from the first interior sketches to the finished office.


More quotes from the day:

"It's good with two different meeting environments, one traditional and one that is more creative."Joel Lindberg, Art Director

"Having height-adjustable desks and conference tables were perfect. I have barely sat down at all today."Flutra Halili, Social Media Specialist

"Moving around makes you more efficient, you work at a faster pace" Calle Lindell, Art Director


"In our job, colours are so important. As a result, we are going to go back and repaint our office, showing we are a communications agency Maria Sanchez, Digital Strategist


"It's good to be able to walk around and contribute to several projects during the day" Lars Sörqvist, CEO


"The first impression is important in our industry, and we have received many ideas here today" Louise Lejestrand, Brand strategist