"Good design is about so much more than form, it’s about function too"

"Good design is about so much more than form, it’s about function too"

Many people equate a good-looking exterior with good design. AJ Products' own product designers Cecilia Stööp and Sebastian Dell Uva have a different view. "Good design is primarily about function", they say with one voice. "A stylish exterior is worth nothing if there is no content behind it to give the user added value", adds Cecilia.

AJ Products’ vision is to create better workplaces for everyone. We don’t just want to meet common needs but also offer products with unique advantages. That's why our design department develops smart solutions for all parts of the range, from office and school furniture to solutions for changing rooms, warehouses and industry.Creating solutions to everyday problems

The starting point for a new design project is always a need, a shortage that must be addressed. Thorough research is carried out first, which often includes workplace visits so that we can see what is not working and talk to users. Then, based on that knowledge, we start creating a functional product that meets the desired needs and makes everyday life a bit easier for the users.

Working with a long-term goal
To be able to make products that are relevant both today and tomorrow, it is important to be up to date with what is happening in the world around us. That's why our designers constantly follow the latest development in the sectors where AJ Products’ is active. Because our goal is to create products with a lasting value, trendspotting is focused on the wider developments. Fashion can change but function lasts.

Manufacturing in Sweden and Europe
The design department usually has several projects running at the same time. Most of the development work is done in close collaboration with our factories in Poland and Slovakia, but occasionally we work with partners in Sweden. The important thing is that we are in control throughout the process and always keep the needs of the user in mind. That way we get the quality we want.

Striving to be the best thanks to the Red Dot Design Award
The Create locker collection shows how good the result can be when AJ products has control of a project all the way from initial design concept to finished product. The Create series was designed by our own design department and received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in 2015. Besides bringing us a lot of joy, the award also gives us something to strive for in every new project.


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