Changing room furniture

Buy Changing Room Benches and Other Essentials

Imagine walking into a changing room that has slippery floors, no clothes lockers to store your personal belongings and no place to sit and relax. This kind of changing facility can give a bad impression of your business. Hence, it is important for your room to satisfy the requirements of your customers and create a more functional space. At AJ Products, we provide a wide range of quality furniture that is essential for your changing room. Read the following points to learn about the essentials needed so you can purchase suitable furniture and equipment for your business.

Changing Room Benches

We provide strong and robust changing room benches in various styles. For example, our Stabil single bench can be easily placed against a wall or in the middle of your room. The frame of this bench is made of sturdy tubular steel with a durable and powder-coated surface. As we provide this bench with electro-galvanised coat hooks, your customers will have sufficient space for hanging their towels, bags, and much more. If you are looking for benches that do not take a lot of your floor space, opt for our wall-mounted benches. These come with powder-coated metal brackets and a durable seat, which is made of high-pressure laminate. You can select from colours like black, grey and pine. Click on individual product specifications for more details.


Along with comfortable seating options, you also need to have proper solutions where everyone can store their personal belongings. Hence, we offer a wide range of lockers that are suitable for storing clothes, wallets, phones, and keys. Our clothes lockers are available in different sizes, colours, number of doors and sections. We provide these lockers in three materials: laminate, mesh and sheet steel. You can select from colours such as black, blue, green, grey, yellow, red and white. Visit the individual product pages for more details about these lockers.

Leisure and Gym Mats

We provide different types of leisure and gym mats that serve a range of purposes. For example, our Weight room matting is designed to protect floors by absorbing the impact of heavy equipment and noise levels thus making it suitable for gyms. On the other hand, our leisure matting is suitable for use around swimming pools, shower rooms, etc. as it is designed to reduce the risk of slipping and tripping on wet floors. These are some essentials for your changing room. Please contact us for further assistance.