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Canteen furniture

Break rooms provide a space for employees to have their daily meals and interact with each other. It is important for you to provide your employees with quality canteen furniture so that they can have comfortable breaks and be refreshed to continue their working day. At AJ Products, we provide many different types of furniture for canteens and break rooms, including bar stools, chairs, tables, trolleys and others. Read the following points to learn about these products: Canteen chairs Our canteen chairs can be used in different dining areas such as schools, colleges, offices, etc. These chairs are available with a seat height from 260 to 495 mm to suit children and adults alike. You can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your workspace interiors from neutral hues such as birch, beech, grey and black to bright shades like blue, orange and green. Most of our chairs are stackable, which makes cleaning easier and ensures chairs take up minimal space when stored. Many of our chairs also have a waterfall front edge to their seats for added comfort. For a more affordable option choose our plastic chairs. These chairs are easy to clean, durable and can withstand tough conditions. You can purchase both cushioned and un-cushioned chairs in various materials. We also provide chair trolleys for easy transportation of chairs in workspaces. Contact us if you have any questions. Canteen Tables We aim to provide tables for break rooms that are functional and suit your requirements, all at the right price. Our tables are available between 460 and 810mm in height, 700 and 1730 mm in width and from 600 to 2000 mm in length. We provide tables that are round, rectangular and oval-shaped. Depending on the space available, you can choose the most suitable one for you. As most of our tables are made from laminate or veneer wood, they do not require much maintenance. If you want more than just one table in your break room, our round tables with a pedestal base are an ideal choice. These tables are suitable for a group of 3-4 people each and promote interaction between those seated around them. We also provide folding canteen tables so that you can use them only when required then fold and store them aside when not in use. Along with a wide variety of colours for table surfaces, we provide different colours stands as well such as grey lacquer, chrome, etc. Read the individual product specifications for more details about our tables. Catering Trolleys Our trolleys are available in a range of sizes and come with 2-4 shelves. They are made from stainless steel, which is exceptionally durable. The handle on the trolley and castors make them easy to move around. We provide trolleys that are easy to clean and can be used in a variety of environments. Contact us for more details. Call us or use our chat function to learn more about our canteen table and chair sets.

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