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Corridor furniture for decorating and smart storing

Corridor furniture not only adds storage space and seating areas to otherwise empty hallways, it also adds a little style. Corridors are usually kept as wide empty passages, but why waste all that space when you could make use of smart storage options? Browse through our range of corridor furniture to easily transform any passageway into a smart storage or relaxation area. We, at AJ Products, believe in adding a sense of style and functionality to every room. From modern furniture to smart space saving shelves and desks, we have it all.

Tables and benches

We have a range of tables and benches that are ideal as part of your school furniture in break rooms, corridors and canteens. Our fixed canteen table made from robust, silver powder-coated steel has a high-pressure laminate MDF top making it durable and easy to maintain. Available in blue and black, these tables really add to the style of the room. We also produce our Buråsrange made from high pressure laminate. These tables are sold in three different colours, which go well with our stylish silver powder-coated frames and are available with matching bench seats. Furthermore, our Octo seat benches, available in five different colours, are made from 30 mm thick MDF and covered with high-pressure laminate. This makes these benches sturdy and long lasting, with minimal maintenance required. For corridors or cloakrooms that are short on space, we offer practical wall mounted benches. These benches take up little space as the seat fixes directly to the wall with no need for a frame or legs; some options even fold away to provide seating instantly.

Racks and shelves

Our Orkan mobile shoe rack is a great addition to every cloakroom or school corridor. Leave it outside the classroom for the children to remove their wet/soiled shoes and boots as they come in. With space for 32 pairs of shoes, this mobile shoe rack is ideal for every cloakroom. We also have other boot hanging racks, made out of plywood, which can be installed on the wall for convenient space saving. Our wall mounted overhead storage lockers can be hung inside classrooms or in the corridor for extra storage space. Since they can be wall mounted, they fit easily in tight corridors without taking up floor space. As well these, we have various other shoe racks, shelving systems and student lockers for you to choose from. Please have a look at the product specifications and product images for more details. We also have various seating benches and sofas that add to the décor of any corridor, break room or classroom as well as providing a place for staff, students or visitors to relax. At AJ Products, we believe in combining style and functionality, which is why we also sell ultra-modern dressing platforms and mobile coat racks so teachers and assistants can help young students with their outerwear as they enter or leave the classroom. Have a look at the various products we have to offer and choose whatever fits your school aesthetic and décor.

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