Tips for a winning changing room

A well-planned changing room will have sufficient storage, plenty of room for movement and also provide space for socialising. In this blog we will give you some ideas on how to get the maximum from your premises and achieve the perfect changing room.

Do not underestimate your choice of matting
Choose matting that is suited to the part of the room that it will be used in. Entrance ways are the most common areas for slips and accidents to happen. This is due to the extensive moisture being brought in from outside thus making the area slippery. Many companies do not use mats for entrance areas or use the wrong type of matting, which fails to fulfil its purpose. Rubber anti slip mats are the most suitable option for an entrance way. Not only do these mats help to prevent falls and slips, they also are able to collect dirt and absorb moisture. For the changing room itself, make sure you cover the floor around shower areas with
 non-slip matting that offers plenty of drainage.

Customise your storage solution to your needs

When it's time to choose a storage solution, there's a plethora of wardrobes, small cabinets and lockers to choose from. Which is best for your needs? This can depend on the size of the room, the number of people who will normally use the room at any one time and the type of equipment that is being stored.
A great idea for when space is limited is Z-lockers, which are two full-height lockers in the space of one. Position personal effects lockers near the entrance to the room so that those who only need a small amount of storage can have quick and easy access. This will help to avoid unnecessary congestion inside the changing room

Don’t overcrowd your changing room
There will be times when many people will be using the changing room at the same time. At times such as this, it is important that there is still ample room for people to move around and use the changing room. Furnish your changing room with stand-alone benches and hook rails to allow for over-flow.  

Plan for teams events
In the changing room you don’t just change your clothes, it is also a place for teams to get together before and after a match to talk tactics, celebrate wins and commiserate losses. If you have the space, it’s a great idea to furnish part of the room with a table and some chairs! A whiteboard can be a great aid for when it's time to plan a strategy and a mobile whiteboard can be rolled out as and when it’s needed.

Accidents happen!
Make sure that first aid equipment is readily available in the changing room. A first aid panel can be mounted on the wall and is highly visible whilst taking up little space.