How to create a sound environment


Tired of too much noise at work? Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to the problem - from furnishing with softer surfaces to playing natural background sounds. Giving your employees good headphones is a great way to reduce the noise level during phone calls. If you hear your client or customer speaking on the phone clearly, you automatically lower your voice level and reduced disturbing sounds.

Bad sound environments are one of our most common workplace problems. Small interfering moments are enough to concentrate and reduce stress. But it should not be too quiet either. If the background noises are too low, other noises such as colleagues’ dialogues will call for interference. A good measurement is that you should be able to hear your colleagues talk, but not what they say. We have listed ten things on measures to be used for a good sound environment.

1. Textiles in all its forms dampen the noise level. Furnished with stylish and stylish curtains, carpets and wall textiles to create a pleasant sound level.

2. Upholstered furniture, such as upholstered office and conference chairs are good alternatives, if there is a dearth of textiles in the room.

3. Opened bookshelves filled with books helps to silence the sounds.

4. Plants are natural silencers that also purify the air and make the workplace more pleasant. Our range of Modulus has good storage solutions with top box for plants.

5. Set your phone and computer on silent so you and your colleagues will not be interrupted by distracting audio signals such as text messages or push notifications.

6. Furniture paws or so-called Silent Socks reduce scratching noise from the chair legs and make the stolen slides easier on the floor.

7. A desk mat reduces sound reflections from the desktop and gives a softer feeling.

8. A desk screen with sound-absorbing filling makes a big difference in the sound environment. It also creates a secluded workplace and screen off for peace and quiet.

9. Notice boards with soft surfaces such as textiles or cork fulfil two functions. On the one hand they dampen the sound reflections from the walls and on the other hand they are perfect for information dissemination and remember lists.

10. Recorded background noise using bird chirps, wind chimes, or rain sounds has a positive and relaxing effect on us humans. Such natural sounds can hide other, more disturbing background sounds without getting too loud.