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How a Whiteboard Can Improve Decision Making Skills

How a Whiteboard Can Improve Decision Making Skills

Roy E. Disney once said "It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are." In other words, it’s important to understand your values and all the available information before you make a decision. Making informed decisions is extremely important for your business.


Whiteboards can be really useful in brainstorming sessions, conference rooms and shared office spaces, basically all the places where important decisions are made. The following are some of the ways in which a whiteboard can improve your decision making skills:


Narrowing and evaluating your options


Before making a decision, it is extremely important to consider all the available options. A whiteboard can help you record the options discussed in a meeting or brainstorming session. You can then analyse and evaluate all your available options and choose the most suitable one.


Noting down different opinions and ideas


The decision making process rarely involves just one person single-handedly making all the decisions. It involves various discussions with senior staff and team members. This inevitably means different team members have different opinions and ideas about what the right decision is. A whiteboard helps in recording different point of views and also encourages your employees to showcase their talents by displaying their creative and innovative ideas.


Planning ahead


One of the most important phases of the decision making process is planning. Careful and calculated planning helps you make the right decision. An office whiteboard can help you define your course of action and examine the steps required to achieve your goals.


Analysing reports


Reports are generated after collecting all relevant data. An analysis report helps you understand the current situation of both the market and the business, and helps in formulating strategy. While discussing these reports with colleagues in the conference room, it’s important to have a whiteboard to help note down the key points from the report and make a decision based on the findings.


Ensuring you are not repeating your past failures


A whiteboard can help you record the reasons why a past project or decision failed. This helps in analysing the reasons for its failure, thus preventing you from making the same mistakes twice.


A whiteboard can become a very useful accessory in your office, helping you not only with the decision making process but also with various other things such as tracking your tasks, finding productive solutions, etc. Whiteboards help you visualise available data, which brings the analysed information to life and helps you transform it into an informed decision: one that feels right for your business (Bitner, 2017 ¹). Companies can purchase a whiteboard in Ireland from AJ Products.

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