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How to create an efficient environment for storage

 Store, Pack, Send

It takes three things to create a good and efficient working environment in the storage. First, you need a flexible storing system that can easily be expanded according to your needs. Then you need packing stations that facilitate the packing process and finally manual handling equipment that will prevent unnecessary lifting and the injuries commonly associated with it. With all three parts are in place you have the logistics flow you need. To make it as easy as possible, you will find everything you need to optimise your dispatch process here at AJ Products. From start to finish.

In a good storage environment, all work tasks are planned with the user in mind, which means that working heights are adapted to each individual member of the staff. It requires equipment designed to simplify handling when items need to be lifted, packaged and then moved from point A to point B. We can provide everything you need, from height-adjustable packing tables to trolleys and lifting equipment for different purposes. In addition, we have several different shelving systems that easily accommodate everything you want in stock.

Shelving systems that are customized to your needs
Mix, Combo and Tough are examples of shelving systems that allow you to create exactly the storage solution you want. You start from a basic unit and extend the storage with as many add-on sections as needed. The sections are available in different width, depth and height, which makes it easy to utilize the warehouse space to a maximum.

To get the most out of your warehouse, you can supplement with extra shelves and various accessories. Mix offers options in the form of drawers, doors and closed end frames. Combo can be built with hanging rails, tool panels and other smart accessories to create a complete workstation. In addition to these options, we also offer a wide range of storage boxes and small parts bins – just to make it easy for you to store and find every single item in your range.


An efficient packing station with good ergonomics
Packing tables Cargo and Motion are made to boost your packing process. Cargo has integrated rollers into the worktop which makes it easy to rotate the goods. You can also add a lower pull-out unit which provides an extra work surface and is especially useful when working with large goods. Motion has an electrically height-adjustable table top and is convenient when several people use the workstation. The table is available in different widths and can also be equipped with various smart extension products.

Both tables can be fitted with shelves, hanging rails and tool panels that are easily accessible over the work surface. With roll holders and cutting units, the packing process is further simplified. If you add an anti-fatigue mat and a comfortable workshop chair, you will have a complete packing station with a good working environment.

Avoid unnecessary lifting and load damage
An ordinary working day in the warehouse contains many lifts, but you rarely need to carry anything around on your own – not even in the distribution process. Using a trolley will give you a good working height, save your back and allow you to move several things at once.

In our range you will find, among other things, shelf trolleys, roll containers, distribution trolleys, picking trolleys, platform trolleys and long material trolleys. In fact, we have a transport aid for virtually every package, regardless of size, weight and situation. All in order to make your package handling more efficient and allow you to offer a really good storage environment.