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Take the opportunity of getting everyday exercise at work

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Take the opportunity to get everyday exercise at work

With all the good intentions that you may have for the New Year, sometimes reality has a habit of getting in the way. Fortunately you can easily get some everyday exercise while working. All it takes is smart furniture and a bit of dedication.


Furniture that contributes to everyday exercise

If we start with the furniture, if you have a height-adjustable desk, you can strengthen your muscles by standing up and working a few times a day. In addition, your blood circulation will be positively affected. If you choose to stand on a balance board, the training effect is even greater. Occasionally switching your regular office chair to a saddle chair or balance ball also offers benefits, as it will force you to activate your abdominal and back muscles for the sake of posture. And that without you even noticing the effort itself!


Products that increase activity

If you want to get more active in your office consider a desk bike or a desk treadmill that you and your colleagues can share. Use them for half an hour in the morning and just as long after lunch, then you've got an hour of everyday exercise that will do you good. Blood circulation will increase and your heart will get a chance to do some exercise without you becoming warm and uncomfortable. Your company will gain from this increased activity too, it is well known face that movement in the workplace increases creativity as well as joy and ability to learn.


Uncomplicated everyday activities

If you do not have access to these products, there is hope. The best part is that every day exercise can be completely straightforward. For example, take the stairs instead of the lift, take a detour to the printer or the coffee room and have walks and talks. It can also be as simple as sitting down and standing up ten times in a row. Or do some push-ups against the desk or the wall a couple of times in the morning and afternoon. Imagine doing 40–50 squats and pushups every working day! A simple and effective routine.


It's more fun to do it together

If the thought of this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can do your exercises when you visit the bathroom or the copy room. If however, you do decide to exercise at your desk, you can be guaranteed to have some followers too, who will motivate and remind each other that "now is the time for today's first exercise".