Mobile glass writing board STELLA with rounded corners


Art. no.: 380253
  • Rounded shapes
  • Optimal colour reproduction
  • Magnetic, high-glossy surface
Modern and mobile whiteboard made of optical glass with a magnetic, high-glossy writing surface. The board has rounded corners and thanks to wheels, glass whiteboard be easily moved if necessary.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

This aesthetically pleasing and modern whiteboard with rounded shapes gives a graceful look to the room and invites use. The board is equipped with wheels, allowing you to quickly and easily move it around the room or from room to room depending on your needs. The whiteboard is designed with a focus on the professional user's demands and needs. It is made of tempered optical glass for optimum shine and colour reproduction. The glass gives a high-glossy writing surface that is very well suited for everyday use without wear. The glass is both easy to write and erase on and easy to clean.

Because the glass is magnetic, the whiteboard is perfect to use as a bulletin board for important information that needs to be shared in the workplace. You can easily and quickly hang up notices and newsletters directly onto the surface using magnets. Extra-strong magnets that are specially adapted for glass whiteboards are available as optional accessories. Remember to choose a writing pen with white ink for writing boards in dark colours to make the writing clearly visible. Choose a whiteboard in one colour or combine several boards of various colours and sizes.


Product specifications

  • Height:1575 mm
  • Width:650 mm
  • Total height:1960 mm
  • Thickness:4 mm
  • Colour:White
  • Writing surface material:Glass
  • Shape:Rounded corners
  • Function:With magnetic function
  • Weight:28.3 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled