Motorised ceiling/wall screen


Art. no.: 126980
  • High quality
  • Gain factor of 1.0
  • For wall or ceiling mounting
Motorised projector screen with a gain factor of 1.0 for wall or ceiling mounting. It comes with a switch, IR remote control and integrated fittings.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

It goes without saying that presentations and films should be shown on a good quality projection screen. The quality of the screen determines the sharpness and brightness of the picture. Therefore, we offer projector screens that offer superior clarity.

These high-quality, motorised projector screens have a gain factor of 1.0, which gives a viewing angle of 180˚. The screens are concealed in a white, lacquered steel cover. The housing is designed for mounting on the wall or ceiling and you can easily attach it with the integrated fixings supplied.

The screens are delivered with a switch and IR remote control.


Product specifications

  • Height:2400 mm
  • Width:2400 mm
  • Weight:20 kg