Shoe scraper

Art. no.: 26021
  • Adjustable back brushes
  • Perfect in or outside the entrance
  • For quick shoe cleaning!
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

Shoe brushes mounted on a robust frame. The back brushes are adjustable. Hand rail available as an optional accessory.
A shoe scraper is perfect for quick and easy cleaning of dirty shoes and boots, and to avoid dragging in dirt. It is especially useful in the autumn, winter and during rainy summer days, when shoes get extra dirty, and is ideal for office entrances, golf clubs, etc. Place the shoe scraper just outside or directly inside the entrance door so you can clean your shoes before entering and ensure as little dirt as possible ends up in the building.
The brushes are mounted on a sturdy frame made of galvanised steel and the back brushes can be adjusted. Combine with a high hand rail, available as an optional accessory, that provides support and helps people maintain their balance while cleaning their shoes.


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Product specifications

  • Length:475 mm
  • Width:380 mm
  • Colour:Galvanised
  • Material:Steel
  • Weight:5.1 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled