Shelving system COMBO

Basic unit, 2440x1840x470 mm

Art. no.: 280832
  • For wide and deep storage
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Robust and stable
A shelving system that doubles as a workbench. The storage rack is supplied with uprights and a shelf, including beams.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

The COMBO shelving system is a flexible shelving unit that lets you build your own combined shelf and workbench solution. Each shelf is supplied with four uprights with perforations for hooking shelves in place at any height. You advantageously use a rubber mallet to easily hook the parts onto the frame - no bolts or screws are needed! A shelf installed at a comfortable working height makes a great worktop.

The shelving system is well suited to demanding environments such as workshops and factories. Add back rails, tool panels and other useful accessories to create a complete workstation. All accessories are sold separately.

The shelves are constructed using strong beams and 16 mm thick particleboard. Each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 600 kg. The beams and uprights are made of dark-grey powder-coated sheet steel. The powder coating provides a resilient and extra hard-wearing finish. The shelving system requires no end frames or rear brace.




Product specifications

  • Height:2440 mm
  • Width:1840 mm
  • Depth:470 mm
  • Thickness sheet steel:2 mm
  • Shelf interval:38 mm
  • Material:Sheet steel
  • Post colour:Dark grey
  • Post colour code:NCS S7502-B
  • Colour:Dark grey
  • Colour code:NCS S7502-B
  • Shelf material:Chipboard
  • Number of shelves:5
  • Shelf load capacity:600 kg
  • Recommended number of people for assembly:2
  • Estimated assembly time:50 Min
  • Weight:96.99 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled
  • Testing:DGUV Regel 108-007