Shelving FIRST

Add-on unit, 1960x1005x500 mm, galvanised

Art. no.: 211413
  • Ideal for both warehouses and offices
  • Adjustable shelving unit that makes storage easy
  • Robust, hard-wearing design
Add-on unit for the FIRST shelving system. The shelving unit comes with moveable shelves, a rear cross brace and one end frame. It is easy to fix to the end frame of your existing shelving system.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

Maximise your storage space by extending the FIRST office shelving system with one or more add-on units. You fix the smart add-on units to the end frame of another shelving unit – a space-saving attachment method that keeps the number of shelf uprights on the floor to a minimum.

The add-on unit comes with five shelves. You can easily adjust the height of the shelves at 40 mm intervals for maximum flexibility. Just like the base unit, the add-on unit is made of sheet steel and has a reinforced design with a rear cross brace and one end frame on the free-standing side. The unit also comes with feet that prevent the floor from being scratched.

Choose a unit that is the same depth as your base unit and don't forget to add extra shelves or smart bookends to create the ideal storage solution. The FIRST shelving unit offers a wide range of options and can be used for a variety of purposes.


Product specifications

  • Height:1960 mm
  • Width:1005 mm
  • Depth:500 mm
  • Thickness sheet steel:0.7 mm
  • Sheet steel thickness body:1.5 mm
  • Shelf width:1000 mm
  • Section:Add-on
  • Shelf interval:40 mm
  • Colour:Galvanised
  • Material:Sheet steel
  • Shelf material:Sheet steel
  • Number of shelves:5
  • Shelf load capacity:70 kg
  • Weight:22.8 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled