Shelving MIX

Add-on unit, 1740x800x500 mm, closed end frame, blue, grey

Art. no.: 27427
  • Highly adjustable
  • Large selection of accessories
  • Movable shelves
Add-on section for the MIX shelving unit that gives you extended storage space. It is easy to assemble and comes with removable shelves and a closed end frame.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

Maximise your storage space and extend your MIX shelving unit by using one or more add-on sections.

Each add-on section provides an almost complete shelving unit but without one end frame. The add-on unit is easy to connect to your basic shelving unit. You simply hook one end of the shelves onto the uprights from your existing shelving unit.

You can extend your shelving further with additional products from the same range to suit your individual storage requirements.

The add-on section comes with five shelves. You can decide how closely together you want to install the shelves and it is very easy to move them up or down at 50 mm intervals. Simply hook the shelves onto the uprights at any height with no tools required. Each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg evenly distributed.

The add-on unit comes with a rear brace for added stability. The uprights have feet designed for bolting to the floor.


Product specifications

  • Height:1740 mm
  • Width:830 mm
  • Depth:500 mm
  • Thickness sheet steel:0.7 mm
  • Sheet steel thickness body:0.9 mm
  • Shelf width:800 mm
  • Section:Add-on
  • Shelf interval:50 mm
  • Material:Sheet steel
  • Shelf colour:Light grey
  • Shelf colour code:RAL 7035
  • Post colour:Blue
  • Post colour code:RAL 5005
  • Shelf material:Sheet steel
  • Number of shelves:5
  • Shelf load capacity:150 kg
  • End frame:Closed end frame
  • Weight:25.25 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled