Complete workbench SOLID 750

With boxes + tool panel, 2000x800 mm, laminate

Art. no.: 22314
  • Lot of storage for small parts
  • Manually adjustable legs
  • Hard, scratch-resistant surface
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Product information

Package consisting of a workbench, a retaining lip, eight suspension bars, 60 boxes in two sizes, a drawer, a tool board and three posts.
Practical package solution for a complete workstation with plenty of storage for tools, implements such as screws, nails and other small parts that you need to keep handy at work.

The workbench has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame in grey and is highly durable. The legs can be manually adjusted in height (740-995 mm) to enable you to achieve a working height corresponding to your own height so that you get an as comfortable working position as possible. Don't forget to add a workplace mat on the floor to reduce strain on the feet, knees, hips and back when you are standing and working!

The top consists of a 22 mm chipboard, 18 plywood and a 2mm thick laminate surface. Laminate provides a flat, hard and scratch-resistant surface and withstands fluids and most chemicals.

The tool board has a perforated surface that facilitates fixing, removing and moving around hooks as required. (Hooks are sold separately, see accessories). The boxes are perfect for storing nails, screws and other small items and you can easily hang them on the given suspension bars. Use the three posts to mount the tool board and the suspension bars at the workbench.

The retaining lip can be attached to the worktop to prevent tools and other items from falling down behind the workbench. The space-saving design enables you to mount the drawer directly under the worktop. It is made of sturdy sheet steel, and is thus robust and durable. The drawer is provided with a lock and keys to prevent unauthorised access. It glides easily on ball bearing guides.