The ideal conditions for a good secondary school education.

Kalmar Fria Läroverk is a secondary school that combines education and exercise and gives every student the opportunity to become the best possible version of themselves. At AJ Products, we are proud to have made our own contribution to the school by providing interior design solutions that make it easy for the students to vary their working methods and working positions both inside and outside the classrooms. 
AJ Products secondary school case study
We now have furniture that makes it easy to vary our working methods, both in the classrooms and in our open study areas.
Linda Wolfgang, Principal at Kalmar Fria Läroverk

Combining education and exercise.

Kalmar Fria Läroverk aims to get the best out of every student and has a plan for how to achieve this. The school encourages all of the students to combine studying with physical activity and is firmly convinced that exercise leads to better academic results. The principal Linda Wolfgang sums up the school's approach as follows: 

"The concept behind the school has a strong basis in research and involves regular physical activity which promotes good health, well-being and the ability to learn. It means that the students have more energy and stamina, find it easier to concentrate and achieve better results in their academic work. 

An attractive learning environment. 

The school has around 190 students who are divided across three year groups and six programmes: children and leisure, economics, electricity and energy, art, social sciences and technology. Kalmar Fria Läroverk is part of the Fria Läroverken organisation, which is run by Watma Education. The school has big ambitions:  
"In both our academic and our vocational programmes, we offer teacher-led instruction in a safe, attractive learning environment. If you add to that committed teachers and exercise sessions during the school day, we are giving students the best opportunity to make the most of their time at secondary school," says Linda. 

The furnishings contribute to the atmosphere. 

The school's ambitions are reflected in its interior design. Before the school moved to its current premises, the managers were in close contact with the project team at AJ Products, both on site and online. We listened to the school's requirements, produced proposals for the interior design and checked back with the management team as the work progressed. At the start of the 2021 autumn term, everything was installed and ready for use. 
"The furniture we've chosen makes it easy for students to vary their working methods and working positions in the classroom," says Linda. "We've also created open study areas instead of group activity rooms. This allows the students to study and get together in small and large groups, which leads to a positive atmosphere in the school." 

Students gathered and sitting on benches

Everyone is happy with the results.

We all benefit from varying our working position. In the classrooms students have the opportunity to move from traditional low desks and chairs to height-adjustable tables and stools. There is also variety in the open areas where tiered seating units are combined with bar tables, benches, chairs and fixed seating groups. The school's inviting library has both bike desks and comfortable armchairs.  
The students, teachers and administrative staff all think that the school's interior design works well. 
"AJ Products listened carefully to what we needed and helped us to meet our requirements. We're very happy with the result," says Linda Wolfgang. 

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