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How to facilitate your waste sorting

Article Everyone benefits from waste sorting. Not only can batteries and other hazardous waste be disposed of in a safe way, waste sorting also contributes to environmental benefits at the manufacturing stage. Because it is both more energy an...
How to facilitate your waste sorting
Active chairs for variety and energy

Active chairs for variety and energy

Article Natural variation during the working day is not only gentle on the body, it also provides extra energy. Learn how active chai...
Workshop Storage Cabinets

Workshop Storage Cabinets

Article Tips on some features you can look for next time you need to buy a metal cabinet.
How to use screens to keep your distance

How to use screens to keep your distance

Article Here are some tips on how to support social distancing and improve safety for yourself and others with the help of standard f...

We created a new office in record time for CC Höganäs

Article In just eleven weeks we turned an empty office space into an efficient workspace, handling everything from interior design ideas to installation.

How to create an efficient environment for storage

Article It takes three things to create a good and efficient working environment in the storage. First, you need a flexible storing system. Then you need packing stations that facilitate the packing pr...

Make a community at work

Article In every workplace there should always be a room or place where the staff can go grab a coffee, chat and take a break. What’s most important is that there is room for strengthening work relatio...

How to stay active in the office

Article Many of us have high hopes about getting in shape, especially after the New Year and ahead of the summer. It can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to self-improvement in our hectic live...

Tips on how to work from home

Article In current circumstances more and more people are urged to try to work from home – and will soon discover that it may not be as comfortable as it sounds. Besides the ergonomic flaws of the home...

Ideal storage for your office

Article Well-thought-out storage not only makes life easier, but also contributes to making the whole office environment much more attractive. But how do you make the right choice? What opportunities d...
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