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How to create an efficient environment for storage

Article It takes three things to create a good and efficient working environment in the storage. First, you need a flexible storing system. Then you need packing stations that facilitate the packing pr...

How to optimize the work environment in the warehouse

Article Furnishing a warehouse can be a big task. First you choose shelf systems and pallet racking where you can store your goods. The next step, you add lifting and transporting aids to facilitate da...

Sort and recycle waste to make your workplace more eco-friendly

Article Many workplaces are striving to become more environmentally friendly. A great way to get started is to make waste sorting and recycling simple, clear and easily accessible to all employees.

How colours impact productivity and mood in the workplace

Article Colours affect productivity, creativity and well-being. We explain the psychology of colour and how to choose the best colours for your workplace.

Look after your body - Choose the right trolley!

Article Lifting, pulling, and pushing heavy objects like furniture or even document holders can take its toll on our body. But what type of trolley is best for your needs?

What really is Ergonomics?

Article Ergonomics is a common concept, not least in the work environment. It is also a term of importance.

Tips on how to work from home

Article In current circumstances more and more people are urged to try to work from home – and will soon discover that it may not be as comfortable as it sounds. Besides the ergonomic flaws of the home...

Tired of too much noise at work?

Article Tired of too much noise at work? Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to the problem - from furnishing with softer surfaces to playing natural background sounds.
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