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Make a community at work

Article In every workplace there should always be a room or place where the staff can go grab a coffee, chat and take a break. What’s most important is that there is room for strengthening work relatio...

Products that helps to vary your posture

Article Your body is naturally designed for movement, discover the best variation of movements to make throughout your work day.

Let’s bust some myths about health and exercise

Article Exercising during office hours is just as effective as intense work-out sessions after work. Right? There are plenty of myths and truths concerning health and exercise in the office. If what is...

Building a more efficient warehouse for your business

Article Whether you work at a company with a small warehouse area or a larger business with automated order processes, the flow is important. But the most important thing is safety and ergonomics. With...

Tips on how to work from home

Article In current circumstances more and more people are urged to try to work from home – and will soon discover that it may not be as comfortable as it sounds. Besides the ergonomic flaws of the home...

Tired of too much noise at work?

Article Tired of too much noise at work? Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to the problem - from furnishing with softer surfaces to playing natural background sounds.
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