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Tips on how to work from home

7 Tips on how to work from home

7 Tips on how to work from Home

Not be as comfortable as it sounds. Besides the ergonomic flaws of the home there are other difficulties, such as keeping up the focus and separating work from leisure time. But everything’s possible! And so, here’s seven tips on how to work efficiently even from home. 
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1. Dedicate an area for work
First on the priority list is to reserve a special work area, separate from the rest of your home. Partly in order to avoid the need to tidy up after every work session, but also for "making work happen" – i.e. a mental space that makes it easier to separate work from free time. A separate room where you can close yourself off is ideal, and easier to maintain as a workspace only. If you don’t have a spare room you could turn other defined areas into a temporary home office, for example the space under the stairs.


2. Make sure you sit comfortably
The kitchen chair is no option in the long run; you need the luxury and functionality only a real office chair can provide. You will probably sit and work for many hours each day, and since sitting in the wrong way can cause many problems, it’s important to have a chair that follows body movements and helps you sit correct.

3. Find a good desk
Having your own worktable has its advantages, since you can simply leave things as they are at the end of the workday. And there is an abundance of desks in different shapes and finishes to choose from. A height-adjustable desk costs a little more but pays off very quickly. Being able to switch from sitting to standing during long workdays has a positive physical impact. Additionally, you become more productive and creative by working standing up!

4. Upgrade your technology
In order to be able to work effectively from home, the home office should have the same technological capacity as your ordinary workplace. Consider what functions your computer and mobile phone should have and pick professional versions of the software programmes needed. Make sure to upgrade your internet connection if required, as well.


5. Assess the lighting
Good lighting has a great impact on work performance. Natural light is always best, so try to place your desk as close to a window as possible. You shouldn’t have to rely solemnly on daylight, so make sure there is enough light sources inside the room as well. A desk lamp is excellent for doing work in the evenings. Avoid strain on the eyes by not letting light shine directly on your computer screen.


6. Plan out your day
Try to schedule your workday even when working from home. Get up at the same time as you normally do in the morning. Take a short walk before sitting down for work; this way you get some fresh air as you mentally convince yourself that you are "heading to work". Stick to your routines, eat lunch as you usually do and end the day at the usual time. Finish off by writing a list of things you should do tomorrow. Then your chances of success are immensely improved.


7. Spend time with co-workers
Initially, the biggest difference might be that you’re not surrounded by your co-workers. It can be an isolating feeling but working from home need not mean the end of your social connections. You and your co-workers could try having shared coffee breaks over FaceTime or Skype.