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Get active in your workplace!

Active Office

An active office quickly becomes an attractive office

What is an active office? In our eyes, it's an office that is designed with the staff's best interest in mind. A working environment where the furniture itself makes it easy to vary the work positions and activate the body. In this way, the active office contributes to you and your employees wellbeing – both during and after the working day. It is as simple as that!


Workout in the office

The body is at it's best when in motion, and this is possible even during a work day in the office. We offer a range of work furniture that encourages activity in various ways. In this category you will find, among other things, height-adjustable desks and conference tables, balancing chairs, saddle chairs, stools and workplace mats. In short, furniture that helps you stay active while you work.


Turn seated and standing

With a height-adjustable desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing as often as you like. For those moments when you sit down, you need a good office chair that can be adjusted according to your height/weight and give support to your arms, lumbar and legs. In those situations, it is good to have an active chair as a compliment and change at regular intervals. Sitting on a balance pallet, balance ball or saddle chair will activate the back and torso muscles and improve your posture, without you even noticing the effort itself.

Standing up will strengthen your muscles and increase combustion. The best thing is to stand on an anti-fatigue mat that relieves legs, knees and back. If you want to challenge yourself in the upright position, you can also stand on a balance board sometimes – to improve the balance and further strengthen your hip and leg muscles.


More active meetings

A height-adjustable conference table can provide benefits in the meeting room as well. Research shows that we are both more creative and better at collaborating when we stand up compared to when we sit. In addition, the concentration rate increases, so standing meetings tend to be shorter and more effective. Should the meeting last longer, it is easy to lower the table and let the participants sit down for a while.


An attractive employer

In an active office, it is easy to vary the posture. An active position strengthens the muscles, increases blood circulation and prevents stress injuries. Seen from a sustainability perspective, this means that an active office will promote health and give benefits – even in the long term.

After all, everything is connected. Good interior design makes it more fun to go to work. A good working environment mirrors what you and your colleagues stand for, what you have achieved – and where you are going. All in all, it strengthens the image of your company as an attractive employer, which will make it easier to recruit talented coworkers in the future.