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How to Choose the Right Lockers for Your Environment

How to Choose the Right Lockers for Your Environment

Thanks to Hollywood, the term "lockers" conjures images of an American high school with attractive teens hanging around discussing the causes of their angst. Those who are fond of working out may think of the changing rooms in their gyms. Some people may even imagine a bank vault and try to guess which lockers hold items of sentimental value and which have monetary value. No matter what image comes unbidden to your mind, the fact is that lockers have become ubiquitous in our culture. They are a versatile storage solution that can be seen in a wide variety of environments. Those who are looking to buy lockers often get mislead by the image they have in their head about this storage item. Mentioned below are a few tips to help you choose the right lockers for your environment.


Storage Space


All lockers are designed for storage, however not all lockers are built the same. 2 door lockers have more vertical storage space compared to 6 door lockers. This can be very useful in environments where vertical storage space is needed. For example in schools this extra space will allow students to store tall binders, files and other large belongings. They can also pile items on top of each other to make the best use of the available space. However in some environments, there may be limited space available for storage. In such situations, businesses may want to compromise on compartment space so they can provide more individuals with a locker. In this case they would benefit from investing in 4 door lockers. The amount and type of storage required should always be the first thought when selecting which lockers to purchase.




Sometimes hearing the word "lockers" does not create images of high school corridors and bank vaults. Sometimes it brings back memories of the distinct scent of a locker room. Research has shown that the anatomy of our brain is such that certain smells can trigger very strong emotions and memories in our minds (Gaines Lewis, 2015 ¹). Remembering the not-so-pleasant smell a locker room can have may not have the most positive impact on a business’s potential customers. This is why, if you have a businesses like a gym or an activity centre, you should ensure that the locker rooms do not smell. This can be achieved easily by investing in well-ventilated or mesh lockers.


Other Factors


Apart from the two aspects mentioned above, there are few other things that you should consider if you are looking to buy lockers. The construction of the lockers is important. Environments where the lockers will be used extensively should invest in lockers made of a more durable material. The colour of the lockers should also complement the design of the locker room. The final decision should be made by factoring in all of these requirements and weighing them against the cost.

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