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With over 30 years experience selling White boards, we have everything you need.

White Boards for everyone!

Whiteboards for everyone!

The Whiteboard was invented in the '60s and AJ Products have sold it for more than 30 years.

You can find whiteboard tables in the most imaginable and unthinkable places. In the toilet of a gas station displaying the last time it was cleaned, used by an advertising agency for mind mapping, in the workshop with ‘to do’ reminders and in a horsebox showing the next time the horses are to be fed.


Wide range

In our product range, you will find everything from a whiteboard with both weekly and annual planning to have in the office so that everyone has ex. work schedule and production schedule easily accessible, to small boards to set up outside your office. You can leave a message when available or let those who apply for you leave a message.


For those who write a lot

If you have a business where you need to write a lot, make quick sketches and present ideas, a large board with dimensions 2000 x 1200 mm is ideal. There is space for both writing and drawing, while you can attach your support notes with magnets on the board.


Turn the other side

Sometimes you need to prepare things before the meeting begins and by using a two-sided mobile whiteboard, you can write things without revealing anything in advance. You write on one page to keep contents hidden from your audience until the right moment. Turn it away from your colleagues, and when it's time you just turn the board around. You can use the other side to write in the meantime.

We also have a triple panel whiteboard where you get 5 areas to write on. With two doors that have writing surface on both sides, you get a lot of space to write on and since the doors can be closed you can hide prepared information at meetings and presentations. Of course, the writing surface is magnetic, and you can put a paper on the board with magnets, which you can find in our assortment.


Whiteboard in coloured glass

In addition to the traditional whiteboards, we also have glass boards in modern design. The boards are available in several nice colours to match the interior of your office. They become a nice feature, you can combine different colours and put together as an interior detail, while you get a smart writing plate.


Easy to clean

Our whiteboard boards have a durable writing surface and are easy to keep clean. You simply delete what you wrote with a tablet writer that you can have close to hand on the board because they are magnetic.

And many have done it! Written with a pen with permanent writing despite question: - Is this a whiteboard pen? - Yes! Our whiteboard is easy to clean, durable and magnetic. Then it's not the end of the world if you write with a permanent pen. We have solutions for that too in our range of products!