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Avoid sitting still at work

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Sitting still for hours at a time can increase the risk of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cancer. By regularly moving your body you increase oxygenation, which in turn produces the substances that clean the blood stream of blood fats and blood sugars. Staying active at work, even during breaks, is good for both you and your health. Increasing your physical activity will make you happier and give you more energy to do important tasks.


Sitting down every chance you get?
When you have been sitting down for a while you will probably start feeling your muscles stiffen. This is because the muscles tense up. When this happens, standing up can seem like an obvious solution, but standing up for longer periods of time is just as harmful. Preferably, you should avoid working in the same position for too long. The smallest things could make a huge difference, such as varying work tasks, drink a lot of water or coffee and take orderly brakes, in order to increase energy-levels and oxygenate muscles and brain.


Diversify for a better health
There are many benefits to being active at work and varying between standing and sitting position. It helps you increase blood circulation and reduces lipids among other things. If you are trying to be careful with your weight you might be happy to hear that you burn more fat by simply standing. Also, the body’s ability to consume oxygen improves and you feel more energized in the long run.

A small step on the way could be to purchase a height-adjustable workbench and a standing desk anti-fatigue mat to have at work. All physical activity counts and they can help you take the first step.


Physically demanding work
If your work involves heavy lifting another type of exercise is demanded. It could be worthwhile to consider warming up prior to starting work. We often damage our backs when lifting heavy objects incorrectly, and this could cause permanent damage. Make sure to exercise hips, back and shoulders to prevent this. Tailor the exercise after you, your body and according to what your work looks like.


Medicine for the soul
Sitting still for hours at a time increases the risk of premature death. Ulf Eklund, Professor at the Norwegian University of Sports and one of the world’s leading experts on physical activity, believes 30 minutes of exercise can reduce the mortality risk and that a full hour of exercise removes the risk completely. He also says that it doesn’t really matter for how long you exercise, simply doing it has a better effect than not doing it at all.

Motion increases the level of natural substances in the blood, such as serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. These substances counteracts stress and depressing, among other things. Being active also has positive effects on the brain and the memory.