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How to optimize the work environment in the warehouse

WK 47-50 How_to_optimize_your_work_environment


Furnishing a warehouse can be a big task. First you choose shelf systems and pallet racking where you can store your goods. The next step, you add lifting and transporting aids to facilitate daily work. Finally, you focus on the small and important details to create a safe and easy-to-manage work environment where it is easy to thrive. Read about the details here!


Protection for people and machines

Safety is always a top priority. Creating safe walkways is therefore a necessity in logistics areas where both people and trucks are moving. Painted floor markings can be useful for marking transition points in the transport routes, but separating with a physical barrier is always the best.

A row of safety bollards is an easy way to create a safe walkway at the warehouse. The robust bollards can also be used around machines, pallet racking and goods to protect them from collision with trucks or other vehicles. A powerful anti-collision guard in the form of fully-welded tubular steel arches have the same function as the bollard. The arch is available in three heights and both as a straight model in different lengths and as a corner barrier. Alternatively, there are also concrete jersey barriers, pipe protectors and crowd barriers.


Impact protection for pallet racking: Ultimate

Ultimate is an adjustable racking system in AJ Products’ own design that is ideal for all environments, from small warehouses to large logistics center that require space for many pallets. But regardless of the environment, even the most robust pallet racking needs to be protected from being hit and damaged by trucks, for example.

Collision guard for pallet racking Ultimate is bolted to the floor and is a specially designed and practical protection available in two different models and heights. One guard is fastened around the pallets racking’s uprights, while the other protects the frames. The frame protector is also available for double pallet racks where two pallet racks are placed back to back.


Maintenance creates well-being inside and out

Having a well-cleaned warehouse is important partly because it contributes to your employee’s well-being , and also because a slippery floor can increase the risk of slipping. If you have a very large warehouse, a ride-on sweeper may be preferable, but in most cases cleaning is easily done with a manual sweeper. Be sure to choose a machine with impressive cleaning capabilities and height adjustable brushes. It is also an advantage if the machine can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The outdoor cleaning is of course not to be forgotten. Then a smartly designed cleaner’s cart can do the job more efficiently. In addition to holding the sack in place, the cart can have storage for empty bags and holders where you can attach your cleaning equipment during transport or when not in use.


Place for waste and waste sorting

When the cleaning is done, it is time to separate the waste from recycling.

Put the waste in a classic wheelie bin that is easy to empty and clean. These solid waste containers are available in different sizes, made of impact-resistant and UV-resistant HD polyethylene and equipped with a sturdy, easy-grip handle and large wheels that make it easy to both handle and move.

When it comes to source separation and various material handling, a tipping container is a good choice. The container is designed to be used with a forklift. It is available in several different colors to facilitate source sorting. Supplement with covers, decals and other functional accessories for an optimized solution.


So, now you know what it takes to optimize the work environment at the warehouse. Good luck!