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Create a perfectly furnished workplace!


Be yourself at work.

Thanks to our extensive range, we can help you (and everyone else) create a perfectly furnished workplace. Completely adapted to work tasks, physical pre-conditions and personal taste. If you seize this opportunity, the result will be a working environment adjusted for both body and soul – and where you can blossom and be the best version of yourself!


Products that improve the workplace

AJ Products is committed to creating better working environments. That is our vision. It is also a constantly important mission, since so many people spend most of their waking hours at work. The job is almost like a second home. That is why we have furniture and furnishings that can improve the whole workplace, from the office via the lunch room to the workshop and the warehouse. It is also why we are there for all types of businesses, from start-ups to established and from local to global.


We have successfully improved workplaces for more than 40 years and can certainly do much to increase the well-being and efficiency at your job as well. We offer everything from self-designed furniture series to smart interior details that make the job a little better. With our own manufacturing, we can even customize certain collections to the customers' wishes. In total, we offer more than 20,000 products for offices, schools, warehouses and industry – and well thought-out interior solutions that make it more fun to go to work.


With the best of the employees in mind
So, what does it take for a work environment to go from "good" to "better"? In our view, it is all about choosing products with focus on what is best for you and your co-workers. For example, height-adjustable desks that allow you to switch between standing and sitting work during the day. It may be office chairs that can be adjusted to your needs and active chairs that strengthen the back and torso muscles while you are sitting. And smart storage solutions that improve order and efficiency – and thus, well-being.



It can also be flexible packing stations, stable workbenches and expandable shelving systems that simplify work in warehouses and industries, lifting aids and carts that facilitate internal transport and welcoming lunchroom furniture that make it easy to get new energy. In short: products that promote well-being and safety and help employees to perform at their best. This is how our range looks – and it is with this type of products we give you the opportunity to develop your own work environment. We hope you will take that opportunity, so that you too can blossom and be yourself at work!



"Be yourself at work" is a campaign that recognizes the importance of a good work environment. The focus is on people who feel good and are themselves, confident that they are in the right place in life.