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Create a clean and tidy desktop!


Almost all of us have that work colleague who has piles of paper, four half-drunk coffee cups, a half-eaten apple and countless dried coffee cup rings on the desk. Well, we have the tips for that can help your work colleague to create a clean and tidy desktop! Even you as already have a clean desk can find good tips! Or are you maybe "that" colleague?! Or something in between. AJ Products has something for everyone!


A well-known term is "messy desk - messy brain. Empty desk - empty head." But that's not true. Having a certain disorder might have a certain creativity influence, but for the most part it takes energy and time away from you as a person. And from your colleagues. It is better to keep the desk tidy. A messy desk interferes with the ability to concentrate.



Mess v tidy
Consider for a moment what a cluttered office is conveying to customers and partners. The first impression you get from a person is often what stays! Two very conceivable scenarios are that they either think you have too much to do and can´t get things out of your hands, or you are simply a careless person. A cleaned desk gives a professional and orderly impression!


Give your desk a boost
An easy way to organise your desk is with a reinforced desk screen with a function rail. It has many smart accessories to help you get a clean and tidy workplace. With a monitor arm where you hang your computer screen, you create more workspace on the desktop. At the same time, you get an ergonomic posture, as the screen comes at the right height for eyes, back and neck. The desk screen also provides privacy and sound absorbent!



Sort more
On the function list you can hang multi-sorting trays for printouts, magazines and other documents that are good to have close at hand. It frees up space on your desk and gives a clean, tidy impression. If you are not in need of paper trays, just hook off the two top shelves, place a nice flower and a pen cup on the bottom shelf. Then you have created an inviting environment at your desk.


Under the table
A mobile drawer unite with inserts for pens, paper clips and other small things is an easy way to keep things organized and you don't have to spend time looking for things. You can also hide your bag in it. An archive box for collecting paper to be recycled gives a neat and tidy impression and makes it easy to carry the paper away to the recycling station.


If you get a skid
Cords hanging loosely under the desk are not a pleasant sight, they are easy to get caught and they collect dust. By hiding the cords in a cord extinguisher, you get the order of the snake nest, which is usually the case of all cords. You can also hide cables and branch outlets in a neat cable box.


Mark words
You can easily do stylish labels to mark your workplace with a label printer, it creates clarity and thing in its right place. If you mark cables in the cable box, you will quickly find which cord you need to pull out if you want to take the charger to your laptop with you. Marking the document tray according to the order of priority gives order and clarity while providing a good overview of your work.