Catering Trolleys for a Better Food Serving Experience

Canteen spaces are an important part of any work or education environment such as offices, schools, hospitals, hostels, etc. If you want to manage these spaces properly, you need to consider and implement several factors. This involves selecting good quality canteen furniture, maintaining pleasing canteen aesthetics, managing food supply, etc. One of the best ways to facilitate the serving and transport of food is by using catering trolleys from AJ Products. Our range allows you to select the option best suited to your environment and needs. Read through the following sections for a better understanding.

Stainless Steel Trolley

We sell versatile stainless steel catering trolleys, which are easy to clean. They are most suitable for transporting food items from one place to another in office and school cafeterias, professional kitchens, food manufacturers and other such places. You can also use these trolleys as storage solutions for foodstuffs and other items such as paper napkins, wiping cloths, pots, etc. The stainless finish ensures that you can maintain high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Our stainless steel trolleys come in a range of options depending on the load capacity, number of shelves and dimensions required. Many of our catering trolleys have a handle on one or both sides. This makes it easy for you manoeuvre them around canteen chairs and tables in cafeterias. The trolleys are also equipped with four swivel castors to further help with manoeuvrability. Click the product images for more details.

Collapsible Trolley

These catering trolleys offer a practical solution when it comes to moving food supplies in canteens, restaurants, kitchens and other environments. You can also save space by collapsing the trolleys when not needed. This is possible thanks to the fold-down handle. The stainless steel makes these trolleys very hard wearing and durable. You can easily wipe the trolley clean to maintain good levels of hygiene. Be it crockery, large pots and pans, food packets, etc., our catering trolleys are always there to help you transport items in your kitchen or canteen. You can easy manoeuvre the trolleys between canteen tables with the help of swivel castor wheels and the folding handlebar. For specifications, click the product images.

Trolley with Raised Platform

Do you want to prevent your workers from having to bend down every time they collect food supplies from the storage cupboard or accept incoming deliveries? Then use our high catering trolley, which is equipped with a raised platform for easier loading and unloading of food stuffs. The trolley is made of stainless steel, and is hygienic and easy to clean so you can adhere to strict hygiene requirements. Our catering trolleys are available in a variety of dimensions and designs, along with different load capacities and a choice in the number of shelves. If you are not sure what type will best suit your requirements, visit our product pages for more specifications.

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