Desk mat

600x400 mm

Art. no.: 13975
  • Protects your desk
  • 100% recycled PET
  • Anti-slip
Discreet and hard-wearing desk mat made from 100% recycled PET. Protect your desk from scratches and dirt with a smart desk mat that doesn't slip on the desk and is easy to wipe down.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

Keep your desk spotless with a desk mat!

The mat is a practical desk accessory that protects your desk and prevents unnecessary wear. The desk mat has an anti-slip surface, which means items don´t move around on top of it, so your keyboard stays in place, for example.

Your hands rest comfortably on the mat whether you're writing with a pen, typing on a keyboard or using a mouse. The corners are rounded to prevent sharp and inconvenient edges. The desk mat won't be marked by hot cups of coffee and is not damaged by liquids; instead they can be easily wiped off with a cloth. As the mat is transparent, it does not stand out on the desktop and neither does it reflect light.


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Product specifications

  • Length:600 mm
  • Width:400 mm
  • Thickness:1.8 mm
  • Colour:Transparent
  • Material:PET
  • Weight:0.8 kg