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A Reception desk for every office décor

First impressions are last impressions, which is why we at AJ Products understand the importance of reception desks. As soon as a prospective client or employee enters an office, the first place they go to is the reception. This means the first thing they see is the reception area and, in particular, the reception desk. This is why we believe that a reception desk must be sleek, modern and visually appealing. A well thought-out reception desk is always a good idea, which is why we have offered you this range of stylish and chic reception desks.


Our reception counters are divided into L shaped and U shaped units that can be used in conjunction with a standard desk. The reception furniture in any office must go with the theme of the entrance hall while fitting well in the reception area. Which is why, depending on the internal layout of your office, we give you a choice between two basic shapes. The L-shaped counter has three sections, with a straight central piece so it can easily be used with a freestanding desk. The U-shaped counter has four sections, again with a straight centre. The desks are made of laminate, making them smooth and durable. This allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Both shapes are available in three colours, so you can choose a counter that best suits your reception area and desk.

Straight desks

We offer a wide variety of straight reception desks from which you can choose. Our straight reception desk is made using either laminate or veneer. Once you’ve decided upon the material, you can choose from a number of different colours. We also offer a design made from laminate with protective aluminium kick boards and panels. You can actually customise your own reception desk by combining several modules to create a size and shape that suits your needs. You can combine straight desks with high corner sections, straight sections with low corners or whatever you think will suit your décor. For more information, please have a look at the different product specifications.

Corner desks

If the only space available in your reception area is a corner, we have some elegant rounded corner desks for you. Like the straight desks, you can choose from veneer or laminate and customise your own desk as per your requirement. Moreover, you can combine them with straight desk units to create a large welcoming reception counter. We offer a range of different colours and designs, so have a look at the product images and specifications to help make your choice. We also offer a complete desk system that adds an ultra-modern vibe to your office space. It comes with durable work surfaces and allows convenient storage hidden from public view. The high counters are an ideal place for literature stands and leaflet racks as they will be easily visible to all guests and clients but will not be in the receptionist’s way! Don’t forget that rope barriers can help you organise queues and cordon off waiting areas in your reception.

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