Noise reducing table EUROPA X

1800x800x600 mm, birch

Art. no.: 353122
  • Sound dampening
  • High-pressure laminate
  • Built-in absorption layer
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

Durable table with a top with sound damping surface layer and a built-in sound-absorbent.
The Europa X is a durable table with both sound-dampening and sound-absorbing properties. The high-pressure laminate table top has a beech pattern, sound-dampening properties and has been designed so that the sound is reduced from 105 dB on a regular laminate table top to only 93 dB. Underneath, the table top has an absorption layer that effectively dampens scraping noises from chairs and feet. The table's solid-wood frame provides a genuine and stable feel. High-pressure laminate is a durable and at the same time, an easy-care material that can withstand wear and tear and is therefore suitable for a school's harsh environment.
With scraping chair feet, banging on tables and the slamming of bench drawers, the noise level in the classroom is usually high, and many people find it uncomfortable. With the help of Europa X, you can optimise the classroom to dampen noise and create a more pleasant environment for both pupils and staff. Europa X is therefore highly suitable for preschools, schools, canteens, or other environments where a noise-dampening solution is required. The Europa X table is available in beech or birch-patterned high-pressure laminate.


Product specifications

  • Length:1800 mm
  • Height:600 mm
  • Width:800 mm
  • Table surface:Rectangular
  • Stand:Fixed legs
  • Colour:Birch
  • Table surface material:High-pressure laminate
  • Stand colour:Birch
  • Stand material:Wood
  • Sound absorbing:Yes
  • Weight:32 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled
  • Testing:EN 1729-2:2012+A1:2015, EN 1729-1:2015