School tables and desks

School desks and tables for a stimulating learning environment

Tables are needed in schools and preschools for all sorts of different activities from classroom desks for productive lessons to easy-to-clean dining tables and multi-purpose tables for arts, crafts and play. They need to stand up to heavy use and destructive behaviour. Moreover, the tables need to be the right height for children of all ages to sit at comfortably. With our wide range of school tables, you will find the furniture you need at AJ Products.

Classroom desks for all ages

A classroom desk must be able to withstand constant use year after year by students who often have little regard for the school furniture. Hardwearing surfaces and sturdy frames are essential. Different shapes and sizes will suit different types of classrooms: some will prefer individual student desks; others want tables that are designed for group work. At AJ Products, we have a range of shapes, sizes and heights to suit all needs and age groups, all with a robust construction.

Folding tables for easy storage

Folding tables are ideal for schools where the school hall is used for lots of different purposes and needs to be able to change easily from dining hall to assembly hall to sports hall. Collapsible tables are also great for playgroups that need to pack everything away at the end of the day, such as those that operate in church halls. The tables can be folded down easily and moved on table trolleys for convenient storage.

Activity tables for young children

Activity tables are designed with a specific purpose in mind whether art, science or playtime. Tables with large surfaces and plenty of storage space underneath, such as Multi-table with storage MOLLY, are ideal for arts and crafts activities, providing lots of room for children to work and giving them a choice of different supplies and materials within easy reach. Our water and sand play pit is great for educational play that teaches children about the world around them. It is the perfect height for preschool-aged children to rach and comes with a lid so it can be put away neatly. AJ Products also has preschool tables with integrated magnifying glass or lights so the children can look closer at objects they find in nature and begin to learn about the world around them.

School canteen tables for messy, noisy dining areas

It is essential that any tables used a school dining area are able to be wiped down quickly and easily at the end of the lunch break. High-pressure laminate is a durable yet easy-care material that can withstand wear and tear as well as frequent cleaning and is ideal for the high usage it is subjected to in schools. What's more, our canteen tables can help reduce noise levels and create a calmer atmosphere, thanks to our innovative tabletops with sound-absorbing and noise-reducing properties.