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Preschool tables for a stimulating learning environment

Tables are needed in preschools for all sorts of different activities from arts, crafts and play to lessons and even lunchtime. They need to stand up to heavy use and sticky hands! Moreover, the tables need to be the right height for young children to sit at comfortably. With our wide range of preschool tables, you will find the furniture you need at AJ Products.

Preschool tables at the right height

Our range of ENVIRO early years tables is compliant with BS EN 1729-1 with sizes available from sizemark 1, which has been assessed to be the correct height for nursery use. Made with a hard-wearing laminate surface, these are ideal tables for children's classrooms. They are available in several vibrant colours as well as different shapes to stimulate young minds and help create a more exciting learning environment.

Preschool folding tables for easy storage

Folding tables are ideal for playgroups that need to pack everything away at the end of the day, such as those that operate in church halls. They can be folded down easily and moved on table trolleys for convenient storage. For preschools that have a dedicated space but want to be able to adapt the room easily to suit different activities, wall mounted foldaway table LUCAS may be the perfect solution. This table with integrated bench seats attaches to the wall on one side and can be folded flat against the wall when you want to clear the floor space.

Preschool activity table

Activity tables are designed with a specific purpose in mind whether art, science or playtime. Tables with large surfaces and plenty of storage space underneath, such as Multi-table with storage MOLLY, are ideal for arts and crafts activities, providing lots of room for children to work and giving them a choice of different supplies and materials within easy reach. Our fun and colourful playtime tables provide hours of engaging and educational play for young children, allowing them to develop their social skills and use their imagination to create their own narrative – drive tractors on the farm, catch the bus to town or visit the animals at the zoo, there’s fun for everyone! AJ Products also has preschool tables with integrated magnifying glass or lights so the children can look closer at objects they find in nature and begin to learn about the world around them.

Preschool light table

An educational light table is a great way to encourage young children to investigate the world around them and start on a journey of scientific discovery. The unique light surface inspires children to go out into nature, find exciting objects and use the light box on the table to get a closer look at them. It is also perfect for art projects such as tracing. The light table has space for six to eight children to stand around it. It comes with a cover to fit over the light box so that it can also be used for other purposes. As well as tables we also have a wide selection of preschool chairs, cloakroom furniture, play furniture, mats and more to ensure you can find everything you need for your preschool. Contact us for any advice on the type of furniture that would best suit your learning environment.