Mesh pallet collar VOLUME

1200x800x800 mm, fold-down short side

Art. no.: 26370
  • Easy to mount on EUR pallet
  • Collapsible for versatile storage
  • Mesh walls make it easy to see goods
Sturdy pallet collar made for EUR pallets. One of the short sides can be opened, making it easier to both load and unload goods. Several pallet collars can be stacked on top of each other, even when the pallet is loaded with goods, if stacking corners are used.
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

A pallet collar is a smart solution for warehouses, workshops or similar environments when handling goods in storage or prior to delivery to the customer. This pallet collar suits EUR pallets and is easy to attach. The collar is collapsible, which makes it simple to remove and store when not in use, without taking up unnecessary space.

The pallet collar has a robust frame of galvanised steel, giving it a clean and durable surface. The mesh sides make the contents of the pallet visible and easy to view. If used with stacking corners, several pallet collars can be stacked on top of each other, even with goods in them. One of the short sides can be opened to provide easy access to the goods stored on the pallet and facilitate loading and unloading.


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Product specifications

  • Length:1200 mm
  • Height:800 mm
  • Width:800 mm
  • Mesh size:80x80 mm
  • Material:Zinc coated
  • Weight:25 kg