Make your packaging and distribution process more efficient

At AJ Products you will find everything you need to make packing goods quick and easy so that your business can dispatch goods efficiently. We offer an extensive range of packing tables designed to facilitate the process as well as packaging materials, strapping and strapping tools. You can also find the right warehouse scale to weigh your goods from a bench parcel scale for small boxes to pallet beam scales for palletised goods up to two tonnes.

Improve ergonomics with a customised packing workbench

A fully-equipped packing table can make your packing process much quicker and more efficient. It will also improve ergonomics for workers. A packing workbench can be supplied with a number of different fittings to suit your specific dispatch needs. For example, a roll holder makes it easy to roll out kraft paper, corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap on a roll while a sliding knife unit is designed for quick and safe cutting of these materials. A top shelf, drawer unit and hanging rails provide easily accessible storage within easy reach of your work area. Our CARGO workbench also offers the unique feature of rollers integrated into the worktop to make it easier to handle and rotate goods, thus preventing occupational injuries.

Buy the right pallet strapping for your goods

Choose the right pallet strapping for your needs from the range featured on our website. We offer PET, PP, WG and steel strapping. These offer different tensile strengths in order to handle a range of weights from lightweight packages to heavy fully loaded pallets. You can also buy seals and buckles to ensure you have everything you need to wrap your goods.

Speed up packing with a pallet strapping machine

At AJ Products we have a range of tools available for fast and effective strapping of pallets and goods. Using a strapping tool means you don't need to tighten or cut the strap manually as the machine does it for you. This type of tool secures the strapping without the need for a separate seal. Depending on the number of shipments sent from your warehouse, an automatic strapping machine may be a worthwhile investment to speed up the process and limit manual handling. For smaller businesses, a handheld strapping tensioner will present a more cost-effective solution but still make a significant difference to the efficiency of your dispatch process. It is also a good solution for strapping pallets as it allows for greater flexibility. Our wide range of packaging materials and equipment allows you to buy everything you need in one place. You will also find a large assortment of sack trucks, cage trolleys, pallet trucks and lifting equipment to improve manual handling of goods. In addition, AJ Products is expert on maximising the use of space in warehouses with our own-manufactured pallet racking and shelving. Browse our website or give us a call to find out how we can help you to improve your business.