COSHH cabinet

3 shelves, 1830x610x457 mm

Art. no.: 15-5449
  • Sump trays
  • Leak-proof base
  • GHS labels
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Warranty of 7 years

Product information

COSHH cabinets designed for the safe storage of substances that are hazardous to health.
To ensure the safe storage of substances that are capable of causing adverse effects or disease arising from exposure during work activities, look no further than our extensive range of COSHH cabinets. The heavy-duty, grey, powder-coated units are fitted with reinforced doors, adjustable shelves, a lockable handle and a fully-welded, leak-proof sump base. This model also has 3-point locking for extra security. The COSHH cabinets come with GHS labelling to ensure compliance with the most recent regulations. The primary label supplied is ‘Harmful/Irritant’ but every cabinet also comes with ‘Aquatic Toxicity’, 'Corrosive' and 'Health Hazard' labels; the labels are easy to peel so they can be switched if necessary.

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. Any substances that are labelled as toxic, irritant, harmful, poison or corrosive may fall into this category. It is the employers’ responsibility to gather information on these products and either eradicate the risk or control it. These cabinets should be used as part of a complete risk assessment plan to minimise exposure to such substances. You should also make sure that anyone exposed is provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Please note that, in accordance with HSE guidelines, the user must ensure that cabinet has the correct signage for the chemicals stored within.

N.B. Volumes shown indicate the total sump capacity of each cabinet.


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Product specifications

  • Height:1830 mm
  • Width:610 mm
  • Depth:457 mm
  • Colour:Light grey
  • Colour code:BS00A05
  • Material:Sheet steel
  • Number of shelves:3
  • Weight:46.5 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled
  • Testing:HSG51