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Stationery and Tool Storage Cabinets for Businesses

Storage is a very important aspect in almost every workspace including offices, warehouses and factories. It is essential when there is a need to store items such as tools, small machines and instruments, office files and folders, stationery, etc. For these reasons, AJ Products sells a comprehensive variety of tool storage cabinets for businesses who want to store items that may be used on a regular basis efficiently. Have a look at some of our value-for-money storage cabinet options described below.

Extra Deep Storage Cabinet

Made of welded steel, we provide a storage cabinet that, due to its ample storage space, we have termed “extra deep”. These cabinets are exceptionally durable and suitable for use in rugged environments such as warehouses and workshops. Apart from their use in warehouses, you can also utilise them as office storage cabinets in your corporate workplaces. In addition, you can make efficient use of adjustable shelves, adjustable feet and other such quality enhancing features. For example, if you need to store a large number of items, consider investing in extra shelves as accessories to fit in the cabinets. The adjustable feet make it easy to place these cabinets even on uneven floors. From a security perspective, the extra deep cabinets can help you securely store your items with the help of a 3-point lock with two keys and reinforced doors.

Complete Tool Storage Cabinet Set

Do you want an all-in-one storage deal that fulfils your long-term storage requirements? Then you have come to the right place. AJ Products sells a variety of cabinets wherein a plethora of tools, small instruments, equipment, etc. can be stored. The complete tool storage cabinet set is best used for heavy-duty environments such as warehouses, workshops and factories. Several versions are available with different internal fittings. Some of these cabinets have drawers wherein small objects and parts can be kept. Read more information about these products by clicking on the individual product listings.

Fire and Chemical Resistant Storage Cabinet

Protecting sensitive and expensive equipment from fire is a necessity, and your business needs to invest in the right solutions to cater for this requirement. For this reason, opt for our fire and chemical resistant storage cabinets. These cabinets comply with the international standard for fire resistant storage: ISO 1182. They have double steel-plated cabinet doors and frame. The cabinets are covered with flameproof powder coating and offer immense strength, stability and durability. Apart from these, we provide a variety of other storage options such as heavy duty storage cabinets, lockable moving cabinets, key storage cabinets, and others. The cabinets sold by AJ Products vary greatly with regards to their size, shape and dimensions so you can find one that suits both your needs and your space. Browse through our collection of storage cabinets for more information.