How to choose an office chair that is right for you

There is one product that you should never compromise on: the office chair. Incorrect sitting can cause many problems, therefore it’s important to have a chair that will help you sit right.
A good office chair follows the body's movements, reduces the risk of strain injuries and helps you sit properly, no matter how long you sit. In other words, a good office chair is crucial, both for your well-being and your achievements. But which model suits you best? Here are 5 important things to consider when choosing an office chair

1. How many hours do you sit down?
The most important question to ask, is how many hours per day you will be sitting in your chair. The basic rule is that the more hours you sit down, the better the chair you need. In order for you to easily find a chair that matches your needs, we divide the range after the recommended sitting time: 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours. That means we have everything from simple chairs for you who rarely sit down to more exclusive options that offer optimum seating comfort even during really long working hours.

2. Look for ergonomic features
In order for your new chair to give you the support your body needs, it must be able to adapt to your height, weight and body shape. And since we are all different, you should look for a chair with several different adjustment possibilities for maximum comfort.

3. Choose mechanism by movement pattern
It’s important that the chair's seat and back follow your movements, because your body automatically wants to change position every now and then. The mutual relationship between backrest and seat is governed by the chair's mechanism – and here too the rule is that quality pays off.

4. More choices and accessories
In addition to functions for ergonomics and movement patterns, the choice of model can also be influenced by specific accessories or features, where breathable mesh back is a favorite for many. Armrests and headrests are available as an option for our simpler models, otherwise they are included in the basic design of the chairs.

5. Color, shape and material
When you have found some chairs that match your needs, the fun part starts: choosing the looks of your chair. Many of our models come in several different colours – which means that you can both decorate the office with one model in several different colors or the same color fixed in different models. As far as materials are concerned, fabric chairs are by far the most common, but we also offer office chairs in both artificial leather and genuine leather.

So, now it's your choice. Our wide assortment guarantees that you will find a chair that is right for you, no matter who you are. Is it hard to choose? You are always welcome to contact us – we will be happy to help you!



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